The Best Market Speculator Posts of 2014

Let’s face it, as hard as we try we can not predict or control what life has in store for us.

I went into 2014 starting my third year of full-time trading.  My New Year goal was to continue to focus on my swing trading and nothing else.  Little did I know I would get a call from my former student and CEO of Bullonwallstreet with an idea to expand his business and get back to helping others fledgling swing traders.

Now, along with trading full-time, I daytrade, have a side business unrelated to trading or blogging,  help other part-time and swing traders with the Trade Report, and educate by blogging on Bullsonwallstreet and TheMarketSpeculator.  Now let’s see what 2015 has in store!

Before we do, here are 21 of the best posts from 2014.

How to Swing Trade late day strength

The Golden Rule of swing trading

How to create new habits to become a better trader.

How to find stocks to short in under 2 minutes

Are you being lazy building your watch list?

Fight your survival instinct to become a better trader

How I prepare my weekly swing trading plan

GDP and the 17 percent gain

10 keys to successful swing trading

My 10 most profitable swing trade setup

The gap fill setup

The box trade setup featuring explosive biotech stock CEMP

How to analyze a stock after an earnings breakdown

The energy short setup $XLE

Using sector analysis to find good setups $IBB

A classic breakout pullback setup $EXAS

Cyber Security stock PANW as the Chart of the Day

The game plan that was to short SPY

ANN and the gap fill

The Trade Report is back!

If you would like to learn more about how I trade, receive my nightly focus list with market analysis,setups and trade alerts, sign up for a 14 day free trial at  

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