How to find stocks to short in under 2 minutes

I have a gift for all you busy stock traders that want to quickly find high quality short setups. In this short and sweet 2 minute video, I show you how to scan for short setups using the free website finviz. It will literally take you no more than 2 minutes to narrow the universe of stocks from thousands down to a few perfect short setups.

Why am I sharing this video with you? Six years ago I was a part-time trader with a demanding full-time job and a wonderful, yet time consuming family. In order to pursue my passion of trading, fulfill my goal of creating additional income and eventually trade full time, I had to come up with simple hacks to streamline the process of trading and scanning for stocks. After years of tinkering, I can now find quality short setups in less than 2 minutes!

Now that you have watched the video, head on over to and take a free sample of my nightly trade report. It’s another “hack” that will save you time and give you the expertise of a successful full-time trader, all in under 10 minutes per day.  Not only do you get the Report, but also real-time trade alerts and daily videos.


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