35 Important Trading Tips To Make You A Better Trader

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I have compiled a list of tips that turned me into an above average trader. Feel free to add to this list in the comments section.

1. Enter strong stocks when stochastics are oversold.

2. Make sure volume confirms entries.

3. Analyze the top and bottom 20 sectors every Sunday.

4. Keep a daily list of stock breakouts and breakdowns.

5. Do not let your watchlist get too big.

6. Weed out your watchlist on a weekly or monthly basis.

7. Keep it simple. Complexity leads to wasted time and subpar results.

8. Watch for RSI divergences.

8. Make sure uptrends are on strong volume.

9. Always journal why you entered a trade the same day you enter it.

10. Review completed trades monthly.

11. Pay attention to market sentiment.

12. Check S&P support and resistance levels daily.

13. Do not confuse breakouts of support or resistance with breakouts that are within a range.

14. Manage risk with stops and targets, and stick to the plan.

15. Master a basket of 5-10 different trading setups that will work in different markets.

16. Never chase a stock.

17. Ignore the pundits, news, media and dare I say it, some bloggers.

18. Stick with your own analysis, so long as you have well tested setups.

19. Create a “daily prep report” for each trading day.

20. Become a slave to price, volume and support and resistance levels.

21. Unless you daytrade, do not watch every tick.

22. Let your stops and targets work for you.

23. Do not “micro-manage” trades.

24. Understand your own trading psychology.

25. It gets a bad rap, but I believe in “paper trading” as a learning tool.

26. Read everything, but accept nothing.

27. Do not get discouraged by a few bad trades.

28. Manage risk by position sizing.

29. Only take your best trades

30. Learn when not to trade.

31. Never allow fear or greed to consume your trading.

32. Trust your setup.


34. Stocks do not go up or down in a straight line.

35. Study past market winners and losers

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  1. Hi Paul! Is there a specific website you use to view 20 best and worst performing sectors? And what time interval do you look at for performance… weekly, monthly, etc.? And how much of your decision to enter in a position is based on the performance of the sector?



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