Why Would I Be Interested in What I Can Already Do?

Over the years I have learned to appreciate those who do things counter to my own “way” or style. A few years ago I was visiting with an successful artist friend who draws heroes in a dark, gothic style (think Batman Begins versus the old campy Batman TV shows of the ’60s). We went to an art gallery, and to my surprise the only thing he would look at were Japanese inspired pieces that were cartoonish (for those in the know–Manga).

I asked him why he wasn’t looking at the dark stuff. His response:

Why would I be interested in what I can already do? If you want to grow, learn to appreciate other ways of life, styles, cultures and values.

I’ve learned to incorporate this type of thinking into my own mental framework. While I am an amalgam of chart, pattern and technical trader, you’ll never see me put down a “fundamentalist” or value investor. In fact, these days I read more blogs on fundamentals than anything else. I appreciate what these guys do, even though I probably will never do it myself.

Bill Rempel, who authors The Rempel Report, recently made some comments after my gold post. He is a mechanical trader–a style I appreciate but could never practice. Still, I enjoyed the following post:

Rotational Portfolio Is Overweight Commodities


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  1. Well stated. We traders can certainly learn new things and incorporate them into our trading, but the bottom line is that we have to trade in the manner which fits us.


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