Some housekeeping is in order:

I’d like to give a big thanks to everybody who has e-mailed with messages of support since my last post. It’s nice to know my work here is appreciated. Don’t worry guys. I realize that the negative e-mails only represent a small, yet vocal, minority. I haven’t had the chance to respond to any e-mail this week, and plan to set aside two or three hours tomorrow for that purpose.

I’m working hard on the Q&A questions. I hope to have the post ready by Monday.

A few people have asked if I have posted my stats. I have not. Almost every trade is documented on the site (although a few do slip through the cracks), so they are here. This weekend I plan to start posting monthly win/loss and profit stats.

I also plan to take past trades and analyze them as I do in my personal trading journal. This will become a regular feature on the site.

I have yet to start today’s market analysis, but hope to have a video posted tomorrow morning.


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