Trades: AAPL and NOV

I sold 150 shares of AAPL at $125.84 (entry at $121.75) for a $613.50 gain (+3.3%). I noted the exit in the comments section of my last post.At the close, I sold 200 shares of NOV at $116.11 (entry at $109.64) for a $1294 gain (+6.0%).Both trades were pullback plays off of extreme weakness. While... Continue Reading →

Today’s Trades: OII, HEI and MT

Today I took positions in three of the six stocks that I posted on my primary watchlist last night. All three are pullback plays in trending stocks. Due to the current nature of the market, I cut my normal position size in half for these trades.I bought 250 shares of OII at $51.14. I bought... Continue Reading →

Today’s Trades: ZOLT, FUL, TSL

As mentioned in comments yesterday, I sold:250 shares of ZOLT at $31.80 (entry at $32.30) for a $125 loss (1.6%).500 shares of FUL at $26.14 (entry at $27.22) for a $540 loss (4.1%). I am upset at myself over this trade because I did not pay attention to earnings. I did not even check the... Continue Reading →

Amazing Chart: SBGI

I've been holding SBGI for about a week now. My original post was more focused on recent price action. However, if we back the chart up to the last 6 months, we will see one of the most beautiful looking charts one could ever hope to find.The stock started its uptrend in October. Since that... Continue Reading →

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