Applying the Strategic Elements of Sports to Trading

Trading psychologist Brett Steenbarger wrote an excellent post relating sports psychology to trading. I highly recommend it to anybody in the trading game.This paragraph struck a cord with me: "The finding that experts in a particular sport are better than novices, not merely at physical skills but also on the underlying perceptual, cognitive, and strategic... Continue Reading →

Today’s Trade: JSDA and VDSI

I sold 500 shares of VDSI at $20.65 (entry at $17.63) for a $1510 gain (+17.2%). Check out my reasoning for entry here. It was the perfect accumulation and pullback to support play.I was stopped out of my 400 share position in JSDA at $24.85 (entry at $26.41) for a $624 loss (-5.9%). This may... Continue Reading →

Patience, Trading and Profitability

I stumbled across this article on patience and trading via Trader Mike's links. Although it may seem like basic stuff, it speaks about an issue that has been one of the toughest for me to master. The basic message is you must be patient with your entry points and give your positions time to work... Continue Reading →

Weekend Links

Trading Links:Low risk buy opportunity in SPX.Ed Seykota on trends.Linda Raschke's random thoughts.This week's best of Jim Cramer.I like using moving average crossovers when trading on longer time frames.Test your trading ideas.I like buying pullbacks, especially into multiple support areas.Trading is a game.Psychology Links:Reaching your subconscious mind.Using Zen and the beginner's mind to create beginner's... Continue Reading →

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