Trade: NILE

I sold 200 shares of NILE at $60.50 for a $410 gain (+3.5%). I am still holding the remaining 200 shares from yesterday's trade, and have moved my stop to the entry point ($58.45). This locks in my current $410 gain, while "letting the rest ride".

Patience, Trading and Profitability

I stumbled across this article on patience and trading via Trader Mike's links. Although it may seem like basic stuff, it speaks about an issue that has been one of the toughest for me to master. The basic message is you must be patient with your entry points and give your positions time to work... Continue Reading →

Freshly Squeezed

Days like today tend to turn smack talking bears into nervous nellies with itchy trigger fingers. This gives rise to a nice little stock market pop that makes everybody wonder if we really have seen th worst of it and bottomed. Maybe we have, though I seriously doubt it. More likely, what we have today... Continue Reading →

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