Trade Notes

I exited DCO at 42 (entry at$38.10) for a $1170 gain (+10.1%) . The setup was an earnings breakout-pullback. I will re-enter on a pullback to $40.I exited 200 shares of NOV at $67.35 (entry at $63.74) for a $722 gain (+5.7%) . This was an oversold bounce play that now looks like a good... Continue Reading →

Today’s Trades: AAPL, JASO, EDU

I bought 300 shares of AAPL at $185.09, using my earnings setup. Historically, high volume gaps, especially those that are earnings related, have triggered bullish runs in this stock. I would not be surprised to see this earnings gap propel the stock to the $200 level.I sold 300 shares of JASO at $55.05 (entry at... Continue Reading →

Today’s Trade: BLUD and BIDU

My first post-earnings play of the season is BLUD. Immucor surpassed expectations Thursday and is now consolidating it's big high volume spike. OBV looks good and there's a nice volume pattern forming. I bought 400 shares at $38.25. Update: I bought 40 shares of BIDU at $321.23. Pullback is a bit harsh, but I'm guessing... Continue Reading →

Reliance Steel Earnings Setup

Reliance Steel (RS), reports earnings this week and has a nice looking earnings setup. The stock is basing just under resistance, so a positive earnings report could set the stage for a breakout move to new high territorry. I will likely place a buy stop just above resistance.

Trades, Watchlist and Earnings Observation

I'm in a hurry today, so I'll have to outline today's trades tomorrow. In the meantime, here is my breakout-pullback candidate list.USU: pb-20-21RSH: pb 30EXM: pb 23-23.50CRY: pb 11AWC: pb 25.50DRSY: pb 35-36LXU: pb 17MCY: pb 56NILE is moving after hours based on a well liked earnings report. I've noticed that, this earnings season, stocks... Continue Reading →

Earnings Breakout Entry Question

On Tuesday I posted a few earnings breakout plays. A backer of BWLD (Buffalo Wild Wings) gave me some heat for not entering pre-earnings, and asked why I take such a conservative approach to earnings plays. Here is my answer:While it's great when you catch a BWLD earnings move, it hurts just as bad when... Continue Reading →

Tuesday’s Watchlist

GROW: bullish engulfingJSDA: strong at supportSIGM: Short on pullback to gap pointADM: $39.75 breakout earnings playBWLD: $67.50 bo earnings playOII: $48.50 bo earnings playUPL: $58 bo earnings playUA: $51 bo earnings playVLO: pb to moving average

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