ZUMZ Bullish Englulfing Pattern, Steel, Energy and the UFC

I entered ZUMZ yesterday on a pullback to support, and today it looks as though we have confirmation that the stock is going to bounce. ZUMZ printed a bullish engulfing pattern where three areas of support converged (the 50 day moving average, price and gap support). I could not have hoped for anything better.Conservative traders... Continue Reading →

Anatomy of a Possible Breakout Chart: EWZ

Based on the annotations to this chart of EWZ, I would be a buyer on a high volume break of $50, or a low volume pullback to $$47. The key to this chart is not only the support and resistance levels, but the pickup in volume. This indicates institutional interest. The stock has moved to... Continue Reading →

Chart: HAL

HAL (Halliburton Co.) wiped out a month's worth of gains on an insane amount of volume. However, it did not knock out any major resistance points and handles the 50 day MA quite well. Take a look at the tail the stock printed as the stock briefly dipped below the moving average. There seems to... Continue Reading →

Bullish Chart: JOSB

While my post after the market close reaffirmed my bearish stance, I am finding more and more solid long setups. The health care sector is smokin', with stocks like HRT and ROCM leading the way.In this market environment, the only longs I'm willing to trade are stocks with high volume breakouts over major resistance levels.... Continue Reading →

Today’s Trades: EWZ and QID

I sold 700 shares of EWZ at $49.74 (entry at $48.44) for a $910 gain (+2.7%). I originally entered this trade as more of a long term swing trade. However, I didn't trust the gap up this morning, since it wasn't on tremendous volume. If I can enter again at support within the next few... Continue Reading →

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