Trade: UA

I sold 400 shares of UA at $69.10 (entry at $63.65) for a $2180 gain (+8.56%).Considering the stock closed at $66.68, I can understand if someone reading this rolls their eyes at what looks to be perfect timing for exit. Please note that I left a comment regarding the exit in the the previous post... Continue Reading →

Trade: HDNG

I bought 500 shares of HDNG at $38.25. It's a low float stock that showed up on my "trend pullback scan" last week, which placed it at the top of my primary watchlist. The stock printed a tail at support on Friday with a strong close, so I placed a mental buy stop today above... Continue Reading →

Analyzing FTO trade

A reader wanted a more in depth analysis of the FTO trade. The basic principle is as I stated when I made the trade: a pullback to support with a strong confirmation move. Let's take a look at the chart:The first thing that jumps out at me is the pullback to the 20 day moving... Continue Reading →

Trade: NILE

I sold 200 shares of NILE at $60.50 for a $410 gain (+3.5%). I am still holding the remaining 200 shares from yesterday's trade, and have moved my stop to the entry point ($58.45). This locks in my current $410 gain, while "letting the rest ride".


I like COG on a pullback to $40. I am already in with a 500 share position, as I had a buy stop that triggered at $40.05 (I mentioned this stock on the video webcast this morning).Other stocks on my radar: NFX, HEI, IOC, CYNO, VRGY, JCG, BKE, SII, BYD, BEAV, RIO, NBL, CYTC, AKS,... Continue Reading →

Today’s Trade: STLD, and SPX

I went short 500 shares of STLD at $45.70. I had a short set just under the 50 day MA, which of course triggered today.I was also stopped out of my 300 share long position in STLD at $45.90 (entry at $47.70) for a 540 loss (-3.7 %).Note that the 50 day MA on the... Continue Reading →

Today’s Trade: TMX

I bought 400 shares of TMX at $40.88. It has been on my watchlist since May 20th. Mexican stocks have been on a tear, and I'm using the consolidation after the latest breakout as a jumping point. Any thoughts on this trade? Was the last breakout a continuation or exhaustion breakout? Only time will tell.... Continue Reading →

Chart: CCJ

Way back in December, I had highlighted CCJ as a Uranium play on a breakout over $42. While I missed out on that trade, I entered today at $50.10, as it recovered from yesterday's dip. Anybody care to analyze this trade?

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