Subtract Your Way To Trading Success

Swing Trading Master

So you know about swing trading breakouts . . . fantastic. You can make a lot of money trading those.

So you know about stochastics . . . that’s great. Extreme conditions lead to extreme profits.

So you trading using Fibonacci retracements . . . awesome. I know a guy who makes a killing off this mysterious phenomena.

So you know about trading options . . . brilliant. There are some rich options traders.

So you know how to trade divergences . . . excellent. In 2008 this style was a personal gold mine.

So you know how to trade multiple timeframes . . . magnificent. My buddy kills it by looking at three different time frame charts.

So you know how to use Level 2 . . .superb. Lots of money can be made gaming the algos.

So you know how to trade breakouts using options when stochastics are oversold, while analyzing Fibonacci retracement levels when there is a divergence, everything aligns on multiple timeframes and level 2 shows support.


You know a lot of things, but you don’t know anything.

Master a few things by subtracting your way to success.

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