Future Plans for the Site: The Mini-me Account

Back in January I planned three big changes for this site. Number one on the list was the Trade Report, which has been a tremendous success. In just over two months I have five times the amount of members I had targeted for the end of the year. Most important to me, the positive feedback from members has been overwhelming.

Now that I’m getting in the groove with the Trade Report, I am going to start working on my other two goals for the blog. It’s still too early to discuss the third item. . However, I am ready for goal number two.

Mini-me Live Account:
Back when I first started trading in the 90s, I started with a little over $2000 and turned it into a significant sum, without ever adding a penny to the account. I’ve always wondered if it was luck or skill.

A decade later I am a much better trader. Lately I have had the itch to see if I could replicate the results of my early trading days. I have decided to find out right here, in public on this blog. Coming soon I will open a small account. Hopefully it will be within the next month or two. I haven’t decided how much to put in, but it will most likely be whatever the minimum is to trade on margin. It won’t be more than $5000.

I will link the “mini-me account” up with covestor so that it can be tracked publicly. My strategy will be to take my favorite swing setup, set upside targets at 5-15 percent with downside stops at 2-3 percent. I will only trade that stock until it hits the preset stop or target.

I appreciate your thoughts and comments about this plan. You can leave a comment here or e-mail me at Singhd1@aol.com


3 thoughts on “Future Plans for the Site: The Mini-me Account

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  1. I think this plan is another feather in your cap. My question: Why don’t you quit your full time job and make this a full time business where you charge money for managing accounts for investors and help them grow their money? All the best with re-newed adventure.


  2. I’m a subscriber to your trade report and consider it money well spent. And I like the idea of the mini-me account even more. I trade with a smaller amount of shares than you usually trade with, so it would be nice to follow along with something I can relate to a little better.


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