Rewind: Memorable Posts from September 2006

Over the next few weeks I will highlight some memorable posts going back to the blog inception. I hope to use this series of posts as a primer for those new to the site. Here are posts from the site’s first month, September 2006.

Who is the Market Speculator?

Nice call on BOOM. This short was good for 10 points before resuming uptrend.

I have become much better at not “micro-managing” my trades.

I mentioned shorting NUVO at around $19. It is now trading at $2.

(Side topic: Study broken fad stocks. You can make a living learning how to play these. A current fad stock that I predict will one day trade at $2–CROX. Note that doesn’t mean it will happen now. Fad stocks can sustain upside longer than we think possible. However, they almost all eventually die miserable deaths.)

Hilarious clip of the “bear on wall street“.

My thoughts and personal experience with Trading and Sports Psychology

My thoughts on Trading and Failure.

Great Livermore quote on confidence. You need it as a trader. A lot of what I do goes against conventional wisdom, which takes much courage and confidence. It’s the only way to seperate yourself from the herd.


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  1. Paul, Two questions: Have you ever been approached by a hedge fund to pursue trading as a career?Also, any thoughts on starting a premium service (similar to stockee) for more indepth analysis and trading tips?Good job in 07 and all the best in 08, Chris


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