Trend-Pullback Watchlist

The following stocks are on my “trend-pullback” watchlist:

Four featured charts:

7 thoughts on “Trend-Pullback Watchlist

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  1. What indicators are you using to anticipate the pullback? Granted I know DWSN which is up 101.76% YTD can’t sustain this type of growth forever, but what are the individual factors you are spotting?


  2. Do you have PCF that looks for stocks that have traded above their MAs for a period of time (ex.40 days)? I can tell you scan for high Relative Strength 1 Year (vs. S&P500) with a recent breakout..


  3. Carmichael,I don’t use indicators, aside from noting if stochastics are overbought. I just want to see a pullback to previous support. If the stock is breaking out to new highs, I’ll wait for a pullback to the breakout point.


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