Reader Trade Request

I’ve found that the best way to grow as a trader is to observe how others trade. This can be done by reading blogs, sites, books, talking to friends, and if you are a blog author, via communications with your readers. I don’t think I could ever quantify how much I have learned from readers of this blog who have sent personal e-mails.

In an effort to bring some fresh perspective, I invite you to send me trades you have recently made. Whether your time frame is minutes, days, weeks or months, I’m interested. All I ask is you send at least two trades, one winner and one loser (you can send more if you like). Please explain why you entered and what your trading strategy for the trade was. Also include any other information you think is important, such as charts, stops, targets, post trade analysis, psychological analysis, sector and market movement, etc.

Send trades to I will post all trades sent in on the site (unless requested not to), with my own commentary on the trade.


6 thoughts on “Reader Trade Request

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  1. hi SinghI only day trade, and my chart analysis on CROX shows its in pullback mode.My target for today or tomorrow is mid 51 to high 51 area.Does this mean I am right and you are wrong? absolutely not.I bet you can argue the opposite.So I will be a big buyer in the price range I specified.ron


  2. Ron,51 looks like a good spot to buy, as there is price support there. I also like $47.50. My trade was based on the gap breakout bar. We’ll see if that level holds. If it does not, I will unload my position and take note of $51.


  3. Bought FFIV at $64.62 yesterday. Still in as of 8/9 close ($70+) however my stop is set at $66 and looks like after hours is going to take me out. Probably should have got out but FFIV history is extremely volatile $40’s – $90’s.


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